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Elia A.
29 October 2010 @ 05:29 pm
 I know I just posted but Kaii posted this on my Facebook wall.
I just cried watching it. 
Nono, no sad tears. Happy 'uns.
Watch it, watch it!

I never knew David Beckham could be so hilarious
I forgot to tell you bytheway,
I'm taking a break from all the K-Pop craziness.
Got other music to listen to for now.
Sort of converting from drooling over Korean boys to British boys.
They so faaaahn.

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Elia A.
29 October 2010 @ 04:15 pm

This journal's so empty these days.
Nothing interesting is worth writing about.
Why am I so boring?

So anyway, I have planned out my entire post-finals life.
Will be knitting a Gryffindor scarf, making Deathly Hallows earrings and printing a Gryffindor's school uniform tee
For the debut of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
Total Potter-head.
It's been so God damn long since I've knitted. And now I suck :( Oh noes.

Will be gaming soon enough. Heewll to the yeayehh.
Problem's not having enough video games. Instead,
I have no idea what to play. Sister's not around to help me pick.
And God knows how indecisive I am. 
So like-

PC, PS1 or PS2?
Let's see what I've got 'ere.
  • Tales of Destiny II (PS2)
  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
  • Shining Tears (PS2)
  • Final Fantasy I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VII (PC) (I know I have VIII, but I wonder if the CD includes the rest, too >:/ )
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy X-2
And like more than that. It's just that I thought of narrowing down my options to my biases;
Final Fantasy and Tales Of Series y'know.

I found this website (kudos to my sister) that streams old episodes of Boy Meets World (Oh. Yes.) and How I Met Your Mother.
And Grey's Anatomy. And Glee. And Friends. And Pretty Little Liars. And CSI. And House M.D.
And That's So Raven.
Up to the latest. season. bro. 
Multi-task knitting while watching re-runs.

Boy. Meets. Fucking. World
Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World

Just expressing my eternal happiness x]

Coach gave me the permission slip for the football tournament/carnival on the 13th.
Seriously psyched, brah.
Will be going against 7 other schools across three states. Gonna make me some new friends.
Had my first ever mini-tournament two weeks ago. 
Yes, I'm back into soccer. At last x]

Anyway, I got an A for History \o/ Yeah, only result that's come out so far. 

Fuck yeah post-finals life.

Y'know, I've been sort of thinking about making a new LJ :B 
I dunno. To start anew again y'know? This 'uns my third so far.
Why not go for a fourth?
I'll add those most important :) Or you come find me. If you love me. Hehe.
But I dunno. Should I?

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Current Music: Say You Don't Want It - One Night World
Elia A.
28 September 2010 @ 03:48 pm
So I've got nearly five more hours till I leave home for the airport.
Flight to Liverpool's some time near midnight.
Pray for my safety?

Spent this year's birthday last Sunday with 'em friends.
Picnic by the stream in the park I usual visit.
It was so magical \o/ We sat under a magical tree,
Beside a magical stream,
And we had magical foods!1!!1!11!
I are fairy.
I are ninja fairy.
Hear me roar

Invited 18 people, supposedly at least 10 were confirmed on coming,
But in the end, at least half of the crowd bailed on me last minute :( Sad.
Adline and Prii ended up coming though, so that's plus two to Kaii, Hui Wei, Amanda and I.
S'okay. It turned out well enough.
This is the first birthday where I have the chance to celebrate it with friends since I was 9.
Since like the fasting month of Ramadhan always falls on my birthday. Oh well.
All's good :DDDDD *super smile*

Can I be honest and say that I'm scared that I might not make it back to my homeland?
I have this funny feeling which I hope won't turn out to be true.
So please wait for my return okay? 

So here I come, Liverpool.
Here I come, seafood diet.


Elia A.
06 September 2010 @ 03:55 pm
So frickin' sorry for taking such a god damn long time to get back here.

So like, 
  1. History folio                     Check
  2. Malay oral                        Check
  3. Geography folio             Uncheck
  4. English oral                   Uncheck
  5. Finals                          Can go to hell
School's killing me -__- So boring k. We've finished all the syllabus' for all subjects,
Except Maths  ಠ_ಠ S'okay though. One chapter away.

Anyway, been so busy that I couldn't get online here to like celebrate "someone's" birthday.
So here goes.

das_porno_uke Happy Frickin' Awesome Sweet 16th, Dan
I know I wished you on Facebook, but it wouldn't be quite official if I don't wish you where I got to meet you.
Thanks for all the virtual hugs, and the advice, and all the gloriously pretty layouts that I've used.
Hopefully, we'll be friends for a super long time >:D Even if, God forbid, one day either of us eventually leave LJ.

Besides that, uhmm. I sent in my application for my school's Graphics Segment in the Editorial Board.
I don't know if you guys know, but yeah, I do graphics :B Not as good as people like Dan and the rest though.
I'm a complete amateur. 
But anyway, there was this teeny problem I discovered;
Wait, the ceiling fan's not on. No wonder it's hot in here ಠ_ಠ
For applicants for the Graphics Segment,
We're to send in a portfolio along with the application form+essay a week from the distribution of the forms.
Haha and to think I'd deleted some of my then-useless works off of my computer.
I'm such an idiot, why are you friends with me?ಠ_ಠ

So I'm all "Nah s'okay. Maybe I'll apply for 2012 :/ Oh well."
And decided to drop a word to my ex-English teachers who's the Ed Board teacher.
Gotta say that she's one of the teachers I actually get along with. Besides my ex-Science teacher,
My current Civic teacher and my ex-Geography teacher. 
Am. Not. A. Teacher's. Pet. Shut up. 
She wanted me to join the Ed Board last year, but now that I think of it,
I didn't join last year because I was too late upon attending the interview S:

Anyway. She negotiated me into joining and said she'd get my name shortlisted.
She wants my port folio handed in once my (current) two-week holiday ends. Today's first day of holiday bytheway.
So I went for the interview. Bloody nervous the whole day. But I had to wait and ended up being the last one.
By then, all traces of anxiety was gone and replaced by the feeling of just wanting to get it over and done with.
Pretty calm I guess. She was nice :) She gave me the assignment all applicants had to do and told me to send it by Friday.
So okay I did it on Thursday night. Come Friday afternoon, got back from school and I found it so fugly.
So I crossed my fingers and hoped that she wouldn't notice the lateness.
Damn I was wrong.
I wanted to make a new one that Friday but I was so deprived of creativity I felt like a dry sponge.
So I sought out to make it on Saturday. But I woke up late and by five, I had to go out with my sister.
We came home at midnight, tired after a fun night of playing Articulate.
So it was Sunday and I finally managed to work on it.

Here it is. Borrowed some of the idea from Shabby Princess designs.

But then the Head of Segment replied saying that I was.. late :(
(Okay, I told a little fib and said that my Internet sorta crashed hence the lateness)
And that she'd decided on the best among the applicants already.
(Best creation would make it into the school year book)
And that she loves my art style. And that she really wished mine was among the options

But I hope she reconsiders :/
To think that I was so close *sigh*

So Ramadhan- month of fasting's coming to an end, followed by Eid Mubarak. This is for the Muslims bytheway.
So excited. I've got my new clothes, and bought wedges (3-4" tall hehe) and a new bag.
I'm all set. My hair ain't looking like no helmet head no more, thank God.
Eid Mubarak's about money, I mean, family, food, and money. And new clothes and pictures. And money :)
So I'm excited since everyone's home this year!
Can't wait for the 19th either. Just sayin' :B

I heard SHINee, Big Bang and SNSD are stopping by Singapore? Damn wish I could go.
Go die, Audrey >:( You mean thing.

Kaii slept over last night. She said the lamest thing ever.

Kaii : *gets text message from some admirer who she doesn't like back* "I need to talk to you. Are you free tomorrow night?" I ain't replying.
Elia : Oooooh~ Maybe he's trying to ~rekindle the flame~ :D 
Kaii : Yeah well, I'm carbon dioxide. Ain't gonna work.

Such. A nerd.

Oh, Audrey, Kaii's going to Singapore on that stupid school trip on the 15th. Go stalk her or some thin' :B
I know you want to. And and pictures, or it didn't happen.

Maybe I've talked to much. It's been a long time. I just had to post some thing long.
So I guess it stops here. Till Eid Mubarak actually comes, wait for me!
Happy holidays you guys :)

Omg. Seriously have to tell you about Oskar one of these days heehee

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Elia A.
20 August 2010 @ 07:50 pm

So much has happened, but uhmm- nevermind.
Just that life just changed so drastically. Temporarily I hope.

Anyway, sorry for being away for so long. It's just that,
Even though so much has happened, I can't type it out here.
I just can't. Not because of the privacy.
But I just don't know what to say.
But I hope you understand and I hope you're all still their to give me advice and to give all those lovely virtual hugs :(
Y'know I'm making myself blog today because I don't want people thinking I've died and gone on hiatus from here.
I'm doing good though. You?:D
I seriously miss all of you. And your nonsensical comments. And I miss OMONA.
Hehe I just got back on OMONA a few minutes ago.

Life's been so dead, you have no idea.
Homework + Two folios to do + Two Orals + Presentations.
Everything's so boring.
I'm on Tumblr practically everyday. Just reblogging though.
But some times I post things too. Like my arm vandalism. And stuff.

Anyway, expect some thing from me later on,
I have nothing to say right now :X BUT I MISS YOU ALL. REALLY. GAAAH.
But no one misses me

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Elia A.
06 August 2010 @ 08:50 pm
 BoA! Loljk, I'm back. Heh. 

It's been a good two weeks and I bring back super good news  
For one,
My computer's back! ♥ 
And everything's still safe. Except for my fonts and Photoshop brushes.
But s'okay.Computer Gods had to take some thing as a sacrifice, no?

Well yeah, it has been for a week.
On another note,

I bought a new phone
Finally. And for a whole 300 bucks cheaper than usual, too~
Boasting of 8.1 mega pixel camera, free 8GB memory card, 2.6" LED screen;
Sony Ericsson W995 in Red for the win >:)

Fck Yeah Lucifer's 2nd Win on Music Bank!
So proud of my boys. So proud of being a Shawol :')

Aaaaand -
Except for my Japanese paper next Monday. But chill.


Don't have much to blog about lately S:
Sorry. But at least I'm back! Yay \o/ 
Glad to be back with y'all.

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Current Music: Lucifer - SHINee
Elia A.
22 July 2010 @ 10:56 pm
Okay? Please and thanks.

Wednesday, 21st July 2010 - My computer froze.
It has never frozen ever since we bought it since like 2-3 years ago.
But y'all might think it's no big deal. Even I thought it was no big deal :(

I was surfing the net as per usual, watching Lucifer on replay, OMONA-ing and all the other things I do in my normal 20th century teenage life.
When all of a sudden, my classmate who's been calling in sick lately decided to IM me.
"Elia, did you go to school today" right after I'd set my status to Busy to work on my homework.
Just as I was about to reply, she nudged. SHE NUDGED.
Okay, again, you might take this matter very lightly. "It's just a normal nudge, what's wrong with her?"
Besides me hating, and I mean hating, nudges, I also think it can cause some kind of terrible Armageddon upon my beautiful device.
And oh yeah bitch, it did.

My whole computer froze because at that time, I was personalizing my status so that it'd have an Auto-Responder.
And you know how shitty MSN is at multi-tasking right? It's like a toddler. But we only love it because IMing there is really easy.
That nudge caused chaos man. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Dlt but it did nothing. Nothing.
And for the first time ever, Esc did nothing, too. I was aw-strucked.
So I was like, Fine, be that way. And waited for what seemed like ages
(Nah, actually it was no more than 5 minutes. BUT YOU GET WHAT I MEAN RIGHT?!)
I have low-tolerance for lags and am very impatient with technology.
So I just hit the power button while thinking to myself "It'll be like waking up from a 1 minute stand-still :)"
I was so wrong. So bloody wrong.
It was stuck. Jammed. Like some one stuffed some thing up it's ass.

So I did the usual "Turn off, turn on" for like 5 times with a pause of 5 minutes in between each try.
Didn't work either. That's when my brain started to sizzle with panic.
So I switched the main switches, along with the modem for say half an hour?
Still didn't work. And by 6.45pm -it started at 5.00pm, I was shaking. Yeah.
It's like one of those fits I go through when I'm so close to beating a Boss in a battle in my latest RPG
And it just kills me and I die, both in the game and a little in my heart.

So I called everyone. EVERYOOOONE. I called my mum to tell her to make sure to bring home the hard drive.
I texted Li Qin to call me but she was busy eating so s'okay.
I called Hanna but she wouldn't pick up.
I called Farah, but after a while she hung up on me in a panic. But I forgive her for that.
And then, I gave up and called Kaii.
And I've never been so grateful to the reminder of why she's my best friend. Most importantly because she friggin' understands.
So I ranted over and over and she told me, "Elia, calm down. Switch off everything and pull out the plugs. PULL OUT THE PLUGS"
So I did. And waited till 10pm when I asked my sister if she thought it was safe.
Nnnngh, the mouse seriously bailed on me. But with very little improvement since it could now actually move around the screen.

Anyway, I think you're still wondering why this is causing me utter depression.
Well, I think some of you'd understand how I feel after reading everything after this line.
  1. All my downloaded songs. My K-Pop songs especially. But maybe I can get 'em from Kaii. She has more anyway.
  2. My pictures. All those memories. But I uploaded them, well almost all of them, onto Facebook so I'm sorta safe.
  3. All my Photoshop works. They're not that leggit, but they mean a lot to me.
  4. All those music videos I've downloaded. No excuse for those. I don't know what to do or what to say.
  5. Most of all; and what probably might have contributed to the near end of my darling,
  6. All my K-Pop GIFs, macros, icons and everything. Everything. Everything. This is the point where I expect you to understand.I had over 1000 and almost to 2000 in my Icons & Such file.I have no idea what to do except to just sit here and stare into space as I wander around in my empty, sad brain.
Called Kaii half an hour ago. And she says that she can feel my pain.
But she says she's anticipating a call from a certain guy she likes and I'm letting her off the hook
Because I don't want her drowning in my sadness with me :(
Go be happy, best friend. *sigh*

So yeah. Please cross your fingers.

Oh and I just remembered. Just to add to the list, yeah?
         7. All those Vocaloid pictures and fanart Carmen and I used to collect and marvel over? Might risk losing it all.

And how ironic. The list stops at number seven, my favourite and lucky number. Gee, thanks.
But to think of the bright side of things- just to keep myself from cutting myself (a slice of cheesecake), is that I've made new friends!
People from the OMONA SHINee Lucifer Party

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Elia A.
20 July 2010 @ 02:51 pm

And because of this video,
I'm beginning to like my Key's hair.

 das_porno_uke ,
I trust you, and only you, to make the bestest gifs from this music video ever.
I will also love you to the ends of time

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Elia A.
19 July 2010 @ 12:52 pm
Like seriously

nishiio + sincronia + kingdra LIKE FOR SERIOUS. SO EXCITED.
And and! I actually commented on three posts so far :'D 
No words can describe this KABOOM-ing mind-blowing feeling in me.



So in love. Won't eat lunch till later cause this is so good.
This is better than lunch. So much. Better.

What the hell are you still doing on this page?! D:< GO LISTEN. NAOOOO.


Okay, bye.
Maybe I'll post later? I need to pay attention to my babies.
So good can die.

And I've always wondered how to insert gifs into comments :(
It's so hard.


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Elia A.
16 July 2010 @ 04:58 pm
 I knew. Right from the start.

But I took the risk anyway right?
I decided to fall in love anyway.
I chose. I chose to feel it but now, you can't choose.

I still remember. Dressed all black, seen from the back.
That person just shone
Ah well. We all thought it was just one of those "OMG SO CUTE" crushes.
Well, it's not.

It's been a year. I've been there and done the "OMG SO CUTE" thing.
I left that. And took up another type of feeling.
Even though I know I shouldn't.
But I guess humans tend to do that, right? They gravitate towards things they shouldn't do.
So here I am today.

I'm happy.
I have friends who love me and whom I love back.
I have my football mates who are the best second family any one could ever wish for.
I have an annoying yet absolutely all-in-one sister.
I have parents whom are both alive; regardless of being handicapped or not.
I get to play video games and go online and go out with friends
unlike some kids with strict parents who think that those kids would only be the best by just staying home.
I have my best friend. Through 7 years of knowing her, I've still got her here with me.
I have one of the best Singaporean friends anyone could ask for. And another 3 close ones I've just met. Plus another one. And another one.
I get the best steaks and grilled salmon dishes without having to get out of the house and sit down with a menu.
I don't get wet or get burned skin because I have a roof over my head.
I have humour because I'm so exposed to everything.
And I'm open-minded. Again, because I'm so exposed and that I have the awesomest people with me.
And last but not at all the least, I'm in love again after so long; regardless of whether I should be in love with this person or not.

I already knew from day one that that person would hardly ever return my feelings.
But look where I am now. I'm still in love.
I don't care if they know or not. I don't care if they feel the same way or not. I love that person. So, so what?
If one day, that person finds out, so be it. Not like I could stop it.
And then at that moment, it'd be that person's time to decide.
Because as long as that person's happy, well maybe I'll manage a smile for them.
I'm just as happy with my relationship with that person right now.
In fact, I've gotten so much out of it, that I'm starting to get greedy. But I guess again, I'm human.
Jeez I'm fourteen, give me a break, some cookies and give me time to decide on my happiness.
I won't just give up if my heart's broken. I've gotten stronger. Lesson learned.
I moved on. And so should you.
I don't hate you. I forgave you anyhow. So begging for forgiveness wouldn't even help a bit.
It won't make the pain lessen because it's too late.
But so what?

I'm happy. And right now, just let me be selfish for a bit and say that that's all that matters.
So why not be happy for me instead? Be happy that I'm happy.
That I've got my freedom. And then maybe some day you'll grow up, get a grip and know how I feel like right now.
Just plain happy.

I love you; that some one. And I wish I could tell you, but as you often say- "give me some time".
I have a glint of hope that maybe you'll love me back, even though it's taboo. But whatever.
I'm allowed to make mistakes. I hope God forgives me.
Or maybe if it doesn't turn out how I want it to, maybe if I work my way to heaven,
Maybe then I can be with you. Besides being able to have a thousand dogs, eat pork and drink as much wine as I want to. (Finally)

So to the other two yous, be happy for me please.
That's all I want from you. Thank you.

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